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A huge thank you to our sponsors and donors, Your donation doesn't just support a cause; it aids a child, uplifts a family, and brings us closer to a cure. Let's keep believing for a better tomorrow.


The Shullanberger family, Corbin, Kaprice, and Brixton, stand as a shining example of resilience, compassion, and dedication in the face of adversity. This experience transformed them into relentless advocates for those living with MLD and related leukodystrophies, Always Believing 4 Bryleigh!


Their story is one of unwavering commitment and a testament to the power of a family's love in turning pain into more love. The Shullanberger family continues to inspire and lead the way in the fight against MLD, creating a legacy of hope and progress for future generations.

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Every year the Believing for Bryleigh Foundation hosts a benefit concert that is responsible for 100% of the funds that are raised to help the Foundation carry out its mission. 

2022 Committee Members

Jessica Bade

shana bridges

Theresa Brzezinski

Katrina Campbell

Kim Cobb

Bonnie Cole

Clarisa DeSanto

Carrie Donnell

Joy Harvey

Lark Hooper

AJ Keyser

Leigh Namken

Amanda Ransom

Brooke Schriewer

Cheryl Sellers

Dawn Shullanberger

Andra Summerville

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