The Believing for Bryleigh Foundation is set up to support a wide range of needs for children with leukodystrophies and for non-profit agencies supporting children with leukodystrophies. These children and their families have been awarded grants for the current year, here are their stories. 


AGE 3 - Churchpoint, LouIsiana

In February, 2018, the Believing for Bryleigh Foundation was honored to be able to help Anniston and her family out by purchasing an adaptive jogging stroller. Living with Krabbe disease, a form of Leukodystrophy, prevents Anniston from having the ability to walk or even move.  Having an adaptive stroller specially designed for children with disabilities, can allow her family to easily and comfortably transport her around.  At the B4B Foundation we understand the importance of family time and wanted to ensure that Anniston's family had what they needed to be able to get Anniston out an about so he precious life can be shared with the world!


AGE 4 - Bailey, Missouri

In January, 2018, the Believing for Bryleigh Foundation was honored to be able to provide a $5,000 grant to Gemma Rose Ward and her family in their efforts to purchase a wheel chair accessible van.  Gemma Rose attends church 4 times per week, attends a Wednesday night bible study with kids her age, goes to school, therapy and as any girl does, love to be out shopping!  As Gemma Rose has grown it has been a challenge to travel with her and her family feared that their current vehicle situation was possibly a safety hazard.  The Wards' want to continue bringing Gemma Rose everywhere with them and maintain their active lifestyle and are in the process of fundraising for a vehicle that would allow them to easily get Gemma Rose and her wheelchair in and out.   The B4B Foundation is proud to be a part of making traveling easier for the Ward family and look forward to seeing their wish come true with a wheel-chair accessible van purchase in March of 2018!